Frequently Asked Questions

What is a STAR BOX?

The STAR BOX is a Anime Convention in a box. Each box will include at least 5 items with a minimum value of $40.00. Every 5th box ships with contents valued at $100.00.

Why should I buy from you instead of other online box companies?

Our boxes are geared towards anime and gaming fans. We get our merchandise from wholesalers, manufacturers, convention vendors, and artists from all over the globe.

Is this a subscription service?

No. While other companies have a recurring charge to your account, fans can get the STAR BOX when their budget suits it. No overdrawn accounts with us.

How long does it take to receive my box?

We have your order ready within 24 hours to ship, and we ship 2 day priority mail. No waiting a month after paying for your box from us.

What are in THE STAR BOXES?

If it's Anime, Gaming, or Asian Pop culture related, then it may be in THE STAR BOX.

How much is a THE STAR BOX?

Our 11" X 9"X 6" product is only $40.00 *plus shipping.

Questions or Comments?

Are you a company that is looking to showcase, or wholesale your product(s) in THE STAR BOX?

Are you a convention that wishes to have THE STAR BOX at your event?